Monday, 10 September 2012

Musical Tinkle [1]

The icy night will change for the better gradually, just like outstretched claws. The teeth will come out, shining brightly the whole sky will purr too loudly. When spring comes trees and grasses, flowers full bloom, the scene was covered in porridge smoke like this.
This is the first of a vispo series of three to accompany Bifidus Jones’s poem that came out of his amended fortune. It is inspired by ancient egyptian mythology on the creation of earth and sky. Geb was a male god who represented the land of Egypt. Lying on his back, the folds of Geb’s body formed the mountains and valleys of the earth. Nut was a female sky goddess who stretched overhead in a large arc, forming the blue sky of clay or shining with stars at night. Originally, the two gods lay close to each other, making it impossible for any living thing to exist. Ra then ordered Shu, the god of the air, to separate them, raising her so high that she began to tremble.

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