Monday, 27 September 2010

Padlock love


Another picture taken in Enoshima, definitely the "island of love" (how cheesy). After 5 years in Japan I still find interesting or funny things in every shrine that distinguishes it from the hundreds of neighboring shrines. In this one, if you are a couple in love you can buy a padlock, write your names on it with a variation of Always Together, and lock it to a fence nearby. The fence is now so packed with padlocks that people have started locking them onto other fences all over the (very small) island.


  1. J'aurais bien voulu commenter notamment "back in a minute" et "4 tabourets bleus" mais je suis en tous cas content de pouvoir laisser quelques mots ici!

  2. je t'aime aussi!!!
    trop bien on a le droit d'écrire des bêtises, enfin!!!!
    bisous décadenassés